Craft of the wise

let our art open the doorway to a more magickal you

We use magickal words to describe art. It mesmerizes, enchants, charms, enraptures and makes us ecstatic.
Good art, in any form entrances us and will immediately transports us. The importance of trance states to the craft of the wise is discussed in Janet Farah & Gavin Bone’s new book, which we review.
They explain how I could loose my son in an art gallery because as a small child he would find a piece that took him to another world and he would stay staring at it for hours. He would disappear into that other place so far, it was hard to find him. The phenomena of “The Loin, The Witch and the Wardrobe” would become “The Son of the Witch in the Painting.”
“Star & Snake” have created a world within a world for artists to create magic. Morganna takes us into the realm of magickal humor and Deb Scarlet takes the us to a mythically erotic place in her stories (which we will be exclusively serialised in Magick Magazine from now on.)
Art opens doorways for magick, like the cover of image of this winter issue. I saw that image and it resonated an outcry inside of me. I had to find out all about it, the story behind it who created from what and for what purpose, which I share with you in the credits and disclaimers.
Performance art becomes ritual at our events like The Brisbane Witches Ball & The English Ale. Were you there with us? See if you are in the photos from these events. Top US warlock, Christian Day, generously shares his magickal experience and discusses the use theatre and magick to attract the media’s attention.
So grab a hot chocolate and snuggle in for Yule, Imbolc, Spells and let our art open the doorway to a more magickal you.


BELOW: “Adrienne K Piggott, Amy Brehmer & Shé D’Motford at the to 2017 Samhain Witches Masquerade Ball “Honouring the Dead”

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