Oh My! What room is there for magick in this world?


Without even talking about Syria or Saudi…. There is civil unrest in the US and border conflicts in the South China Sea. The Polish people have marched on Islamic immigrants the same way that Hitler once marched on them, and the Australian government seems determined to squander the luck of the lucky country without taking responsibility for their decisions.


Go outside. Look up at the sky. Breathe. Feel the swirl of the breeze breathing back at you. That life is big.
Take you shoes off and go and find any patch of grass and walk on it wriggling your toes as you go. Look down at the earth and chant in time with your steps.

 “The earth she is our mother.”

You are now walking and breathing in harmony with nature. The anger and panic subsides and you know that there are bigger intelligences than the petty minds embroiled in conflicts. Tonight look up at the night’s sky and realise that it is looking back at you. Waiting to work with you. Be still, be focused, speak clearly so it can hear you. So that you understand what you truly want. Breathe out your desire as the world breaths in, allowing your desire to become part of it and grow.
Magick never faltered. Magick always led. You rise above the pettiness of the world and the Magick Returns!


Magick spelled with a ”K,” in the old Scottish fashion, indicates a number of of belief systems that teach how to make changes in the external world according to your will. The “k” makes a distinction between deeply held beliefs and mere stage prestidigitation or trickery, as is indicated when spelled as “magic.”

She In Montsalvat